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A Family Tradition
About Anne

Anne has brought to her work an instinct and skill drawn from a deep family well of American and European painters. A third generation  Provincetown painter, she is a bona fide Cape Cod artist.

Her grandfather, Max Bohm, was a leading turn of the century impressionist painter, who in 1916 came to Provincetown with many European and American artists.  Her grandmother, great-aunt, uncle and mother were also respected painters.  The painting tradition runs strong in her family and continues with her children.

Born and raised in Hyde Park, NY, Anne spent summers as a child in Provincetown.  She moved here year round in 1977 after raising her 5 children.  A self-taught artist, initially her art was worked on wood panels and weathered shingles.  She studied with the late Phil Malcoat.  Anne has painted the Outer Cape, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Mexico for over 30 years.                                         


She doesn't paint sunshine but likes skies with turbulent clouds. Her paintings have tremendous power,and she portrays the strength of nature in the windswept dunes, the force of the quiet seas, the light striking through the storm clouds, the intensity of night coming across the water. There is a quality in those paintings that draws the viewer in to wonder a little, to contemplate the viewpoint. Packard says that she wants the viewer to see
whatever he or she wants to see in them.
Catherine Fallin
Cape Cod Life - September 1995

'I want to create in my dune paintings, ' she says, 'that privileged
isolation. And awe. I am in awe out there. It's like being on the surface of
the moon. Yet, it is not lonely in my dunes. My dunes wrap me in light, in
warmth, in safety.' She sees a double nature to the dunes, viewing them on
one hand as motherly woman, wrapping the lone voyager in tender shawls. Or
in distinct contrast, she'll portray them as sensual. 'My dunes are very
female. Women's bodies are beautiful. I love the shapes, the contours. The
dunes are women's thighs and curves of hips.'
Carolyn Edelmann
The Cape Cod Compass, 40th Anniversary Issue - 1986

My paintings have nothing to do with nature. It's something to do with
forever going... the space behind the sky... the space behind the shadow.
It's an inner world [of] emotion and yearning. I yearn to express solitude.
Anne Packard
Syndicated Feature Story - November 1985

The expanse of sky above Provincetown's hooked harbor is as grand as a
western sky above the pains, so it is no wonder that the woman who has
painted that watery horizon with a fluid skill, over and over again, no
wonder she has won much attention for her work.
Cape Cod Antiques and Art - September 1984

'It's more of an atmosphere that I like to capture,' Packard says. 'I do
paintings that are alone, not lonely, that good kind of aloneness.'
Kay Longcope
The Boston Globe - September 3, 1982

'Space is so very important to me,' denying being either a philosophical orintellectual painter. 'I paint just the way I feel.'The Cape Cod Compass, 40th Anniversary Issue"Anne Packard has painted around her home on the Cape for more than 30years, using a spare styleand washes of subtle color to create meditative scenes that may be as  much
about her inner landscape, and her viewer's, as about
beaches, cottages, and the sea...Packard paints an attentive and hard-won
peace, not a pretty one."
Cate McQuaid
Boston Globe

"Anne Packard's paintings are like pieces of driftwood washed up on the
shore - each seems to bear a history of its own and will tell you about
itself if you're willing to spend the time...(her) paintings reward with an
abundance of surprises and rich, imaginative color.  They aren't your
day at the beach."
Paul Parcellin,

"Her art spills across huge, full bellied canvases, cradling sea air, like
the sails of a full rigged clipper.  Serene and spare, they are brilliant in
their restraint, yet her paintings quiver with the energy of adventures
about to take place."
Carolyn Edelman
The Cape Cod Compass

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